Can Hedge Trimmers Cut Blackberry Bushes?

The trimmers pack a punch that can easily tackle tough blackberries and are light-weight to make your garden look better.

Can you cut blackberries with a hedge trimmer?

If you have a large area, a hedge trimmer or “hedger” will help you cut more area in less time than using a pair of shears.

What is the fastest way to get rid of blackberry bushes?

The best time to apply glyphosate is in the late summer and early fall. It is possible to buy triclopyr over the counter. Since it’s easier to absorb into the leaves and stems, triclopyr ester is more effective on blackberries.

What will cut blackberry bushes?

It’s possible to do this with a lawn mower. If you want to dig out the roots, you can trim the bushes to the ground. Light can get into root matter if the removal site is covered with a tarp.

What is the best tool to get rid of blackberries?

The competition from grasses and the repeated mowing of the lawn will choke out the plants over time. loppers and weed whackers can be used to replace a mower in a small area. It is possible to cover the soil after cutting or mowing.


Can you mow down blackberry bushes?

You can mow over the bushes to get rid of them. If you have vines that are too thick for a mower, begin removing them. Go ahead and mow over the canes.

When should you not use a hedge trimmer?

It may not be possible for the plant to recover if large parts are removed. When hedge trimmers are used to trim the outer parts of the plant, it can be bad. Internal growth is not encouraged by this.

What time of year do you remove blackberry bushes?

If you want to remove the two-year-old canes from the garden, use garden shears to cut them back to the ground. Long sleeves and gardening gloves are required for working with thorned varieties.

What kills blackberries but not trees?

If you want to control broadleaf weeds, choose a non-selective herbicide like glyphosate or triclopyr. Within 10 minutes of cutting the cane, you can spray or brush it.

How do you control invasive blackberries?

Control can be achieved if the canes are cut down to the ground. The roots can’t survive without the support of the canes. There are areas with no desirable vegetation that can be sprayed with a spot spray.


Can you cut brambles with a hedge trimmer?

They need to separate them from their roots with either horizontal or vertical cuts. I used the petrol hedgetrimmer for the first time yesterday on a big thicket of brambles blocking a ride.

Can you eat blackberries from the hedge?

The big fat ones you buy in the shops taste a lot less intense than the ones you pick from the hedgerow.

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