How Many Gallons In Intex Inflatable Pool?

The newer 8-foot pool, model number 56971EG, is the only 8-foot pool on offer. The pool is 23 inches deep and can hold over 600 gallons of water. It’s the best thing about Easy Set pools that they don’t have to be full.

How many gallons is a 12ft Intex Easy Set pool?

The pool is 12 feet by 30 feet and can hold up to 1,718 gallons of water, making it the perfect size for any backyard fun.

How many gallons is an Intex 10×30 inflatable pool?

The pump is easy to install and can be used to purify water. The pump and system flow rates are 330 gallons for the pump and 300 gallons for the system.

How many gallons is a 10ft Intex pool?

The filter pump is called the 330 Krystal Clear. The water is ready for use in 30 minutes.

How many gallons does a 15 ft by 4ft pool hold?

The fomula would look like this: 15 x 15 x 4 x 5.9, which is 5,300 gallons of water.

What sizes do Intex pools come in?

The bigger of the two sizes is 18 feet in diameter and 52 inches in height and the smaller is 16 feet in diameter and 48 inches in height.

How much shock do I need for a 1000 gallon pool?

A 1000 gallon pool may only need a small amount of water. Clorox has a lot of Calcium Hypochlorite, so I recommend regular liquid chlorine bleach or Sodium Hypochlorite instead.

How much do you fill an Intex pool?

Is it possible to fill the pool high? About 80% of the fill line is filled.

Does an 8ft Intex pool need a pump?

The pool has a pump, hoses, and two filters. There are additional filters in a pack of six.

How many gallons is a plastic kiddie pool?

The capacity of most kiddie pools is between 100 and 250 gallons. It takes 7.5 gallons of water to fill a square foot.

How big is a 10×30 Intex pool?

The diameter is 10 feet and the height is 2.5 feet. The pool does not have a filter pump in it. There is a need for a filter pump.

How deep is the Intex pool?

The large models can go up to 5 feet, while the small models can only go 2.5 feet.

How long will a Intex pool last?

Typically, a steel above-ground pool purchased from a “big box retail store” can last up to 10 to 15 years, but liners usually last about 5 to 8 years and it may be necessary to replace other equipment like the ladder, pump and filter.

Does the Intex Easy Set pool need chlorine?

The best way to protect the water from harmful organisms is to maintain a chlorine level of 2.0 to 4% at all times. Adding Pool Salt to the water is how you can make your own chlorine.

How do I calculate pool volume in litres?

The length and width of your pool can be measured from edge to edge. Divide the result by 4 and then divide it by the average depth to get the result. You can get the volume of your pool in litres by taking the result and dividing it by 28.31.

How do you find the volume?

The basic formula for a rectangular shape is length x width, while the basic formula for volume is length x width and height.

How long does it take to fill a 14 x42 pool?

If you have a few hoses you can fill the pool in a day or two. It may as well be a long time when your family is ready to dive in.

How deep is the water in a 48 inch pool?

The water will be between 6 and 8 inches below the wall. It would make the water between 40″ and 42″ deep.

How do I know how many gallons My tank is?

The amount of water in your aquarium can be determined by knowing the length, width, and height of your aquarium. The volume of your tank in gallons of water is calculated by dividing the length and width of it by the height.

How many gallons is a medium sized pool?

A 12 x 24 foot pool that is 5 feet deep will hold around 10,800 gallons of water, while a 16 x 32 foot pool that is 5 feet deep will hold around 19,200 gallons. A 20 x 40 foot pool can hold up to 30,000 gallons.

What is the capacity of a swimming pool litres?

2.5 megalitres of water is the amount of water in a swimming pool. 50 metres long, 25 metres wide, and a minimum of 2 metres deep make up the Olympic size pools. A total of 660,430 gallons of water was used.

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