How Tall Should Patio Umbrella Be?

The shade for your guests can be provided by 8 feet high. Most guests are not much taller than 6 Feet, so an 8 Foot tall umbrella gives them enough space to walk around freely.

How big should my patio umbrella be?

You need a patio umbrella a couple of feet wider than the table or area where you are sitting to get proper shade space. The average patio umbrella is nine feet in diameter and six to seven feet across. Even larger umbrellas are needed for tables that are extra large.

Do umbrellas come in different heights?

Depending on the size, umbrellas range from 100 square feet to 600 square feet. Our standard 8′, 10′, or 12′ umbrellas come in a variety of heights, as well as custom heights.


What is the difference between a patio umbrella and a market umbrella?

Market umbrellas are heavier than patio umbrellas. The base used for the market umbrella could be to blame. Since a market umbrella is also used to protect the goods of traders, it may have to be bigger than a patio umbrella.

Should patio umbrella be bigger than table?

The rule of thumb for patio umbrella size is to extend your umbrella by 2 feet on each side.

Where do you put an umbrella on a patio?

For large outdoor spaces, placing the umbrella mast at a mid-point between along the outer edge of the deck will allow the canopy to be moved from one side of the deck to the other.

Is sand or water better for umbrella base?

If you want to frequently relocate the Cantilever, it is not advisable to fill the base with wet sand as it becomes more difficult to empty.

Is steel or aluminum better for patio umbrella?

It is less expensive to use steel umbrellas than it is to use aluminum ones. The reason for this is that steel doesn’t have the same resistance to rust as aluminum. It may look the same for a while. The steel umbrellas are heavier than the aluminum ones.

Should I leave my patio umbrella outside?

During the winter, patio tables, chairs, and umbrellas should never be left outside. If you do, you run the risk of your furniture being damaged by the cold weather. If you leave your umbrella out, it won’t last more than a season, according to an article in The Chicago Tribune.

How long do patio umbrellas last?

The umbrella fabric is high end. The lifespan of this umbrella is 200 UV hours, which means it will last at least 200 hours in the sun. If you want to avoid umbrellas with less than 100 UV hours, you should.

Can you use a patio umbrella without a table?

There are limits. It depends on the weight of the umbrella base and the diameter of the umbrella. Experts recommend a 40-pound base for a freestanding, center pole umbrella of 4.5 feet in diameter or less.

How do you measure umbrella size?

An umbrella can be measured from point A to point B along the length of the ribs. An umbrella measuring 7.5′ from point A to point B would make it a 7.5′ umbrella.

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