How To Fix Hot Tub Jets Blowing Out?

Why do hot tub jets pop out?

The plastic in the jet bodies becomes brittle when chlorine is added to them. The jets pop out of the tub wall when there is a break in the plastic.

Why are some of my hot tub jets not working?

Problems with the hot tub controls and air leaks are some of the causes of hot tub jets that are not working. These issues should be looked at with care.

When should you replace hot tub jets?

Smaller parts of the tub will eventually fail and need to be replaced. Weird noises or leaks can be signs that your hot tub is malfunctioning. They can either stop producing air or have less air pressure.


Why won’t my bathtub jets work?

If your hot tub pump is malfunctioning, that’s the most likely reason. There are hot tub problems that need to be solved. Make sure your pump is working correctly by checking its primer. The access panel and airlock valve can be opened.

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