What Does Hl Mean On Hot Tub Display?

There is a person who is known as HL. When the error message is displayed, it means that the system shut the heater down because the temperature was too high. The system shuts down when the water temperature in the spa reaches 112 degrees.


What does HL stand for on a hot tub?

There is a person who is known as HL. The high limit is when the water temperature reaches a certain point. There is an over heat condition in the hot tub.

How do I fix the HL code on my Arctic Spa?

There is a person who is known as HL. The system shut down the heater because it was getting too warm. Don’t go into the water! If you want to reset the system, you need to remove the spa cover and allow the water to cool down.

What is HL heater?

The error message says that the unit needs to be drained because it is full. Plug the drain hose into the back of the unit, then drain it.

What does a high limit sensor do?

The high limit switch has a flame sensor rod that can be used to detect air temperatures. The furnace high limit switch trips are due to the fact that it cannot properly detect temperatures if it is dirty.


What does HL mean on a clever spa?

The water in the pump and heating system can be blocked by an HL error.

Why is my hot tub control panel not working?

It could be a bad control panel, a bad control board, or a bad cable between the control panel and the control board. It could be that the transformer isn’t sending the right power to the top side panel.

How do I know if my hot tub control panel is bad?

The control panel can be frozen or dead, so you have to check if the problem is the control panel or the circuit board. Take a look at the display to see if there is any condensation. If a part is wet or cracked, you should check it out. If there is only one part that is malfunctioning, look for blinking lights.

What does a high limit switch do on a pool heater?

When the water temperature reaches a safe level, the Max-E-Therm or MasterTemp pool heater will open the heat exchanger outlet and the High Limit switch will be used.

Why is my hot tub red light flashing?

The power indicator will flash red if the high limit has tripped. If the tub is above the temperature limit, the filters are not working. You will need to call for service if you see the red flashing lights.

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