What Happens To The Sheds On Making It?

Do they get to keep their crafts on Making It?

Did you get to keep any of your work? We did not get to keep any of the projects that we made. The kids fort and shed hack were talked about by the production.

What happens to the crafts after Making It?

The eight contestants who start the season continue until they are eliminated. Along the way, they are awarded different kinds of patches that get sewn into their smocks, similar to how the Girl Scouts get patches sewn onto their uniforms.

How long is the Shed Hack on Making It?

Some of the best sheds were featured in the finale. The finale of the Shed Hack was watched by 3.15 million people.

Is the show Making It real?

Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman are the co- hosts of Making It. The first episode of the series was aired on NBC. The show features people who are skilled in different media competing for the title of “Master Maker” and a $100,000 prize.


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