Who Is Your Greenhouse Academy Boyfriend?

Does Hayley end up with Leo or Daniel?

The third season of the show. There is a fight on a cliff in the beginning of The Hike. It was obvious that they had been picked between. It has been revealed that Daniel is in a relationship with Hayley.

Who does Hayley Woods end up with?

The season ends with one of them getting a call from a friend of theirs. The last scene of the season shows Hayley smiling at a suitor as she opens the door. Fans were still wondering who was at the door, but now they know who it was.

Are Sophie and Parker dating?

He thinks that they are going to die in the earthquake and he is in love with her.

Do Max and Emma get together?

Emma told Max that she wanted to be with him, but that she was jealous of the other person. Emma was told the same thing by Max. After realizing they didn’t want to wait for the perfect moment to happen, they kissed each other and became a couple.

Are Hayley and Alex twins?

They are brothers and sisters in Greenhouse Academy.

Does Hayley get with Daniel?

Their relationship began when they decided to investigate what was happening at the Greenhouse. They begin to develop a friendship when they put their anger behind them. In the last episode of Season 2, Daniel admits to being in love with her.

Does Hayley end up with Elijah?

They were in love with each other, but they couldn’t be together romantically because of Jackson’s marriage to Hayley, but they were family through Hope, and that’s what they ended up with.

Does Hayley become Eagle?

Things got heated between her boyfriend and her ex after she went on a hike. After a fight with the rest of The Ravens and wearing an Eagles sweatshirt, Hayley moved to The Eagles to join.

Are Louis device real?

The Louis Vuitton Echo is a luggage tracker that costs $370 and is accessible. The device comes with a three-year service subscription to Sigfox, as well as being able to track your suitcase via the LV Pass app.

Is Greenhouse Academy based on a true story?

The idea for The Greenhouse came from a television show.

Is there romance in Greenhouse Academy?

NETFLIX’s best show is The Best Show. There is a lot of rivalry, drama, friendship, and mystery in this picture. This show is very good and must be seen. Bomb and gun threats, someone threatening with a bat, bombs, and gun shots are some of the violence.

Did Sophie and Kevin get married?

Kevin knows that he’s in love with Kate, even though she’s his best friend. Despite being in acting school in L.A. and going to college in New York, the two date throughout their teens and eventually get married at a young age.

Does Jackie return in Greenhouse Academy?

Will there be a return to ‘Greenhouse Academy’ at some point in the future? It doesn’t seem like there will be any plans forJackie to come back to Greenhouse Academy. It wasn’t the case when the opportunity arose because Jessica had moved on from the role and wasn’t going to be replaced.

Will there be a Greenhouse Academy Season 5?

Does Greenhouse Academy have a fifth season in the works? Some bad news came our way. The Greenhouse Academy was canceled by the streaming service.

Does Haley ever date Andy?

Andy and Haley are a couple in the movie. Andy and Haley are kissing in the rain.

Does Max Cherry end up with Jackie Brown?

For context, the ending of the film has a male companion and a female companion who survive the events of the film’s dangerous criminal activities.

What happened to Enzo in Greenhouse Academy?

There was a fourth season of this show. The Client gave Enzo money and he moved into a wealthy estate. He is not near the kids.

How does Greenhouse Academy end?

The show’s fourth season ended with the Greenhouse students foiling a plot to release a deadly virus, but it also delivered the twist that Louis Osmond’s son was the mastermind behind a lot of the school’s recent challenges.

Is Leo paralyzed in Greenhouse Academy?

He didn’t take the pizza because he was in a wheelchair. After leaving it on his nightstand, Daniel went to work. There is a person looking back at another person.

Does Julian fall in love with Alex?

Alex tried to kill himself after he told her that he didn’t love her. Brooke found out that she couldn’t have children due to the fact that she couldn’t save her mother and that’s why she split up with him.

Did Clay and Alex sleep together?

After flirting at TRIC, the two went back to Clay’s for a one-night stand. Alex Later tried to do the same thing as before.

Who did Elijah end up with?

Fans will remember that the two of them got together before the incident. Haylijah fans will be happy to know that their feelings haven’t changed over the past five years. A welcome home kiss was given to a cured man by the woman.

Does Hayley love Jackson?

After allying with each other for several episodes and forming a close friendship, both of them agreed that a marriage would unite the werewolf clans. They fell in love with each other before and after their wedding.

Who is the villain in Greenhouse Academy?

There is a person with a personality. The client is very mean and ruthless. He’s shown to be a genius and an evil mastermind. This is shown in the seasons 3 and 4 of Greenhouse Academy and in the second season of the show.

Did Greenhouse Academy end in a cliffhanger?

The end of Season 3 had fans shaking their heads when a huge revelation turned the show into something else. In the finale of Season 3, audiences watched as two people discovered a cave while following a strange sound.

Why did Greenhouse Academy get Cancelled?

The series only aired for one season and was canceled because of low ratings.

How much does a Louis device cost?

The earbuds have the Louis Vuitton logo on them. They cost a lot of money. The earbuds have a model from Master & Dynamic.

Are Louis from Greenhouse Academy?

There is a recurring character in Greenhouse Academy who is the father of Brooke Osmond.

What is Greenhouse Academy age rating?

It seems ok for 10 or 11 years old, but it gets more intense as you get older. There was a lot of fighting and kissing. Most of the series is for 13 and over.

Why did they change the actors of Brooke and Emma in Greenhouse Academy?

Grace left because she was offered a role in another NBC show called The Village in which she was playing a girl. The show only had one season because it didn’t get a lot of good ratings. She went on to do more than one movie.

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