Why Kill Shelly Tiller?

What happens if u assassinate Shelly Tiller?

Is it possible for me to killShelly Tiller? The Sole Survivor will be directed to a dead drop just outside of Goodneighbor to collect 500 caps if they choose to killShelly.

How do you complete the silver shroud quest?

The Threaten as Shroud option will cause Sinjin’s men to be scared and not attack you if you wear the Shroud costume. Discuss Kent with him if he is still alive. Go back to Goodneighbor and have a conversation with Hancock. This is the final part of the quest.

Is it possible to save Kent in Fallout 4?

VATS can be used to aim for his head while he is making his speech. Kent will be left behind if you use a critical hit to take him out in one shot.


How do I talk to Hancock as the Silver Shroud?

You have the ability to. Go ahead and follow him for dialogue. He will switch into his pre-Mayor dialogue when he inititates “talk”.

Where is Kent after Silver Shroud?

Kent gets stuck in the hospital when he finishes a quest. The console command may be used to fix this. If you push him to the first elevator, he’ll be able to return to Goodneighbor.

What happens if you keep the Silver Shroud costume?

When Kent Connolly isn’t in possession of the costume, he’s going to tell the Sole Survivor to come back. The costume will cause pre- War societies and entities to comment on it.

Can Kent Connolly Be Saved?

Kent was left cowering on the floor as he cleared the room of threats. The only thing left is to save Kent Connolly and become the true Silver Shroud of the wasteland.

How did Hancock become a ghoul?

At one point, he tried to transform himself into a ghoul by taking an experimental radioactive drug. He says that both the high and the transformation were worth the effort.

How do I stop Sinjin from killing Kent?

The stealth approach can be used to save Kent. Use the R3 button to crouch when the elevator opens. Sinjin’s men can be killed to the left and right of the platform if you are careful.

How do I improve silver shroud armor?

The player needs to complete The Silver Shroud if they want to get upgraded. He will upgrade the armor as the player progresses, with the initial armor being matched to level 15.

Can’t find Kent Fallout 4?

After saving him, Kent should go to the Old State House. He’s going to his room in the Memory Den when you’re done with the quest. You may have run into a bug if he is not there.

Can you cure mole rat disease Fallout 4?

This is a description of something. The mole rat disease can only be cured by the Vault 81 cure. There is only one dose given to the player character by Curie and they have to decide if they want to give it to Austin or keep it for themselves if they get the disease.

How do you get to Sinjin in Fallout 4?

There can be a lot of confusion in the place. You can make things simpler for yourself by falling in every hole in the ground and going up every elevator. You should kill the raiders that are near you. The elevator will lead you to where Sinjin is holding Kent.

Do you have to wear Silver Shroud costume?

To get “Speak as the Shroud” response options, you need to wear the Silver Shroud costume. If you listen to the radio in Goodneighbor, you will be able to get the first target, Wayne Delancy, who is accused of murder.

Who is Wayne Delancy Fallout 4?

Goodneighbor has a hitman named Wayne Delancy who is employed by the raider Sinjin. The news of Miss Selmy and her child’s murder spread quickly in Goodneighbor.

How do I get out of Milton General Hospital?

There is an elevator that goes to the third floor. There are two rooms to the left and right by the elevators. There is a hole in the wall that leads to a collapsed floor in the room to the right. You can exit this room by jumping down to the second floor.

What are vats Fallout 4?

TheVault-Tec assisted targeting system is a combat system in several video games.

Can you become mayor of Goodneighbor?

He said that if he was brought to Goodneighbor, he would change his outfit to look like a mobster.

Is Piper a synth?

If she fails the quest, one can either call off the operation or have her do it again. If you do that, you will be able to see that FakePiper inspected her corpse and confirmed that she was a DC person.

Can you become mayor of Diamond City?

Being mayor of the Diamond City, as well as releasing all the rest, is still possible. The Diamond City is a type of island that can be reached through bridges. It would be great if we could make this area a safe place to live in.

How do you use vats?

V.A.T.S. can be brought up by pressing Q on PC, L1 on PS4 or LB on the Xbox One. Pick one or more of the numbered boxes that appear around the target to fire at it. The percentage of chance that you hit those parts is shown by the numbers.

How do you use critical hits in Fallout 4?

VATS can be used with a meter at the bottom of the screen. The meter will fill when you hit an opponent. If you press the jump button just before the next attack, you will be able to execute a critical hit, which will land no matter what chance was shown.

Who is Avery Fallout 4?

One of the raiders in Sinjin’s crew can be found at the side of the hospital. She will use the “Speak as The Silver Shroud” option to initiate the Sinjin guards’ retreat.

Can silver shroud hat be upgraded?

The player needs to complete The Silver Shroud if they want to get upgraded. He will upgrade the armor as the player progresses, with the initial armor being matched to level 15.

How many episodes of silver shroud are there?

There are six episodes of the Silver Shroud radio show, which play in order on the station, with a Galaxy News Radio opening and closing each episode to encourage people to listen to another exciting episode. Should they choose to do so, Kent will broadcast their messages on the radio.

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